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U-Drive™ Set Up Guides for Android and iOS Smartphones



Download Android User Guide 



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Download iOS User Guide 


Android Users - Free OTG Checker

All Android phones running Android 3.1 or higher should support OTG. This free USB OTG Checker App makes it easy to test whether your phone is compatible with U-Drive™. OTG or On The Go refers to any USB device that can be plugged into USB, USB-C or Micro-USB port of your phone.


USB OTG Checker ✔ - Is your device compatible OTG?


iOS Users

If the drive is not recognised in your iOS device.

1. Make sure you are inserting the drive the correct way around as shown in Fig.2 of the iOS user guide. The open USB clip should be on the same side as the back of your device. This connection is not reservable.

If the Y-Disk App shows the message ‘Device not Connected’

2. Unplug the U-Drive™ memory and close the app. Reinsert the U-Drive memory with the open USB clip on the same side as the back of your device.

2. You should hear a click when the device is inserted.


4. Follow the on-screen App prompt to use the drive.

    How to Format a USB Flash Drive on Mac

    Android Users

    If you’re using an older device it may be that your phone only supports FAT32 formatting

    How to Format a USB Flash Drive on PC

     **When reformatting any drive make sure you choose the correct drive when reformatting. Tech Magnet™ is not responsible for any lost data due to user error when reformatting your U Drive™. If in doubt, please consult a qualified computer technician. **

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