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U-Drive™ Set Up Guides for Android and iOS Smartphones



Download Android User Guide 



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Download iOS User Guide 



iOS Users

If you’re an iPhone user and the drive is not recognised. Please make sure you are using the correct app for the version of U-Drive you have.

  • U-Drives in WHITE/GOLD packaging use the i-Flash App. (pre November 2020)
  • U-Drives in WHITE/BLUE packaging use the Y-DISK App.

How to Format a USB Flash Drive on Mac

Android Users

If you’re using an older device it may be that your phone only supports FAT32 formatting

 **When reformatting any drive make sure you choose the correct drive when reformatting. Tech Magnet™ is not responsible for any lost data due to user error when reformatting your U Drive™. If in doubt, please consult a qualified computer technician. **

How to Format USB Drive Larger Than 32GB to FAT32 on PC


FREE FAT32 Converter Software Download Link



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