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Social media advertising simplified

Manage your paid and organic content on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn in one place. Publish, manage, analyze, and report on ads from one user-friendly dashboard.

Manage all your paid ads and organic content in one place

Automatically turn top-performing posts into paid ads, reach new audiences, and get more out of every single advertising buck with Hootsuite.

Achieve your goals without complex formulas

Integrate your marketing tools (such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, or Marketo) without manually exporting or importing the list each time. Develop your next social strategy by targeting the ideal audience.

Get more customers with advanced targeting

Publish or boost your ads confidently knowing they’ll reach the right audience. Take your ad spend further by targeting users based on location or personal characteristics.

Increase engagement with side-by-side reporting

Power up your social media strategy with in-depth analytics and side-by-side reporting for paid and organic posts. Improve what's not working, maximize strengths, and customize your reporting.

Extend the reach of organic posts with Boost

Save time by setting automatic triggers for your top-performing organic posts. Take full control of what triggers to set, your budget, and which posts you decide to boost right from the Hootsuite dashboard.

All your social media ads managed side by side

Simplify your workflow by creating and launching social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn—all from your Hootsuite dashboard.

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    Facebook Ads Manager

    Automatically boost posts on Facebook and extend your reach. Target based on location, age, and interests.

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    Instagram Ads Manager

    Reach your target audience on Instagram by setting a relevant target audience. Automatically boost your top-performing posts.

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    LinkedIn Ads Manager

    Promote organic posts as Sponsored Content on LinkedIn, target your ideal audience, and automatically boost your best content.

Get $500 USD in ad credits when you use Hootsuite to advertise on LinkedIn

Same spend, twice the reach.

Connect your LinkedIn ad account and spend $500 USD to receive a $500 USD credit to your LinkedIn advertising account. Check the Terms and Conditions of this offer to determine eligibility.

Claim your free ad credits

Hootsuite Ad Spend $500 ad credit

Your all-in-one social media management tool

Hootsuite Publishing toolA Hootsuite product shot of how to engage on your socialsA Hootsuite product shot of how to analyze your socialsA Hootsuite product shot of monitoring your social accounts

Create and publish content across multiple networks in one place. Dazzle your audience and grow fast with a hashtag generator, Canva integration, and more.

Monitor and manage all your social media messages and mentions from a single tab. Save time and keep customers happy with saved message replies and more.

Measure and analyze your performance across all social media channels in one place. Increase engagement, impress your boss, and stay ahead of your competition.

Listen in on conversations about your brand, industry, and competition with the best social listening tools. Protect your brand image and stay on top of trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media advertising is when a brand pays to have its posts appear on the feeds of a specified audience on social media. Paid ads vary depending on the platform, but they’re often designed to look like regular (organic) posts. This means that if an advertiser has a particularly snazzy piece of organic content—say, an impressive Instagram Reel or a Facebook Story—they can turn it into a sponsored post without the need to create brand-new content for ads.

Advertising on social media allows you to promote your product in the places where your most valuable customers spend their time. Thanks to extensive audience filters, paid social media posts let you target a hyper-specific group of people, which can help you grow your following and, ultimately, your customer base. You can create ads to bolster your specific business goal, whether you want to build awareness about your brand, generate leads, or increase sales.

One great thing about advertising on social media? You can set your own budget and choose how much money you want to spend on ads each day. Instagram charges you each time a user sees or interacts with your ad, so your overall cost depends on how much action your ad gets. If your budget is quickly depleting, you may want to add more money or narrow your target audience.

The cost of Instagram ads also depends on who you’re targeting, how competitive your space is, the time of year, and a few other factors.

When you advertise with Facebook Ads Manager (on Facebook or via Hootsuite), you’ll be able to set your budget and spend whatever you want on your ads. Just like on Instagram, Facebook charges by clicks, likes, actions, or impressions. Cost depends on your industry, audience, competition, and other factors. 

According to our research, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.33 to over a dollar per click on Facebook.

Yes! You can easily extend the reach of your best Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn content using Boost on Hootsuite. It’s one of the best parts about switching to Hootsuite for your LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook ad management.

To boost a post, tap the Advertise icon within your Hootsuite dashboard. From there, select “Facebook Boost,” “Instagram Boost,” or “LinkedIn Boost.” You can identify single posts to boost or set up Auto Boosting campaigns that will automatically identify and boost published content depending on the criteria you set.

Hootsuite Boost tells the specified social media platform which posts you want to boost and how much money you want to allocate to each one. It can help you identify the best posts to turn into ads to get them in front of more people. 

Choose either Auto Boost or Single Post Boost. Auto Boosting will automatically find and boost top content depending on your pre-set criteria. Single Post Boosting allows you to manually select a single post to boost.

Selecting “Instagram Placement,” will display your ad on both Facebook and Instagram. If one placement performs better, Hootsuite will automatically allocate more of your budget to help you reach more people.

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