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Hootsuite features: Everything you need to grow fast on social media

18 million users trust Hootsuite to get more followers and grow their business online. How? With a ton of time-saving features that make it easy to win on social media.

Hootsuite platform scheduling posts graphic

What does Hootsuite do?
(The better question: What doesn’t it do?)

When it comes to social media management, Hootsuite does all the heavy lifting for you—from creating and scheduling content to measuring results and improving performance.

Publishing: Create better content in half the time

Create, schedule, and publish content to all your social media networks in one place. Overcome creative block with our AI writer and post idea generator. Save even more time with stunning templates and easy collaboration and approval tools.

Hootsuite publishing features

Social media scheduler, OwlyWriter AI (caption generator, content ideas, hashtag generator, and more), best times to post, Grammarly spell check, Canva templates, bulk post scheduling, and more

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Engagement: Grow your brand and keep customers happy

Hootsuite’s social media engagement solutions help marketers connect with the audience and grow their brand. For customer service teams, the tools make it easy to respond fast and improve customer satisfaction. And team collaboration features make it easy for social media managers and customer support to work together more efficiently.

Hootsuite engagement features

Monitoring and listening streams, Inbox for private and public messaging, auto-responder, saved replies, automated tagging and assignments, Inbox analytics, and more.

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Social listening: Never miss a chance to engage

Use Hootsuite Streams and Hootsuite Insights to stay on top of brand mentions, trends, industry leaders, and the competition. Easily join in on relevant conversations and delight your audience by including the topics and hashtags they’re already searching for. Plus, keep an ear on what people think of your brand.

Hootsuite brand monitoring features

Search query streams, Hashtag and keyword streams, Social mention streams, Brand mention volume, Brand sentiment monitoring

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Analytics: See what’s working and how to improve

Make more strategic decisions every time you post with in-depth social media analytics tools. Maximize engagement by seeing the best time to post based on your audience and goals. Hootsuite Analytics will even show you industry benchmarks to see how you’re doing compared to your peers.

Hootsuite social media analytics feature

Post performance reports, Sentiment reporting, Industry benchmarks, Report scheduling and exporting, Custom reports

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Advertising: Get more out of every ad dollar

Manage your paid social media ads alongside your organic content in an attractive social media calendar. Side-by-side reporting lets you determine which posts are working and which aren’t. Automatically convert your top-performers into ads with Hootsuite Boost.

Hootsuite social advertising features

Social ads analytics, Social ads management, Boost your organic content

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Customize your Hootsuite dashboard with more powerful tools

Go ahead and close those tabs. Hootsuite brings all your trusty tools into one place.

  • Amplify

    Boost your social reach with employee advocacy.

  • Insights

    Protect your reputation and stay competitive with social listening.

  • Impact

    Prove the ROI of social media and optimize your strategy.

  • Heyday

    Sell more online with a conversational AI chatbot.

  • Integrations

    Add your favourite tools to your Hootsuite dashboard.

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Everything you need to win on social media in one dashboard

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