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Social media analytics software to help grow your business

Track social media metrics across all your networks in one place. See what’s working, improve what’s not, and get results. Smart data and beautiful reports make it easy. No spreadsheets required.

Reporting tools that do the math for you

Cut out the guesswork with social media analytics tools that tell you exactly how to grow your brand on social.

Increase engagement and get more followers

Get more followers and engagement with reports that tell you the best time to post based on when your audience is the most active. See when to publish based on the goal you set—extend reach, build awareness, increase engagement, or drive sales.

Repurpose top-performing posts in an instant

Identify top-performing posts in seconds and adjust your strategy as needed. With OwlyWriter AI — Hootsuite’s new AI for social media — you can choose your best posts from a list and the tool will automatically recreate that magic without duplication.

Let data tell the story and skip the guesswork

Easily show the impact of your efforts with customizable social media analytics reports. Save hours with pre-built templates that display only the metrics you care about. Customize titles, add notes, and share reports in the format that works for you.

Stay ahead of the competition

Beat your competitors with reports that compare performance against your industry peers. See exactly how to boost engagement, make your posts easier to find, and increase traffic.

All your data and reports in one place

Simplify and save time with social analytics tools that track data across all your networks.

  • Facebook icon

    Facebook Analytics

    Learn the best time to post on Facebook based on your followers and goals. View hundreds of post- and page-level metrics on Facebook.

  • Instagram logo

    Instagram Analytics

    Learn the best time to post on Instagram and track the performance of Reels, feed posts, Stories, and more.

  • Twitter logo

    Twitter Analytics

    Simplify Twitter reporting, track hundreds of metrics, and monitor mentions. See when to post and identify top-performing Tweets.

  • Twitter logo

    TikTok Analytics

    Learn the best times to post on TikTok to boost your chances of going viral. Determine where views came from and much more.

  • LinkedIn logo

    LinkedIn Analytics

    Figure out what’s working on LinkedIn with analytics for organic posts and paid ads. See when to post for the most engagement.

  • Pinterest logo

    Pinterest Analytics

    Figure out your Pinterest ROI. Plan successful campaigns by tracking website visits and revenue generated by your Pins.

  • YouTube logo

    YouTube Analytics

    Analyze YouTube performance alongside your other social media channels. Schedule automatic reports to stay in the know.

Your all-in-one social media management tool

Hootsuite Publishing toolA Hootsuite product shot of how to engage on your socialsA Hootsuite product shot of monitoring your social accountsFacebook ad campaign product image

Create and publish content across multiple networks in one place. Dazzle your audience and grow fast with a hashtag generator, Canva integration, and more.

Monitor and manage all your social media messages and mentions from a single tab. Save time and keep customers happy with saved message replies and more.

Listen in on conversations about your brand, industry, and competition with the best social listening tools. Protect your brand image and stay on top of trends.

Easily create and manage advertising campaigns alongside your organic content. Get more customers and expand your reach with clear reports and recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media analytics is a set of data points that tell you how your social media posts perform. Analytics is made up of a group of social media metrics, such as how many people liked or commented on a specific post. These metrics help you determine which types of content and which networks are most worthy of your efforts.

Getting insightful reports is quick and easy with Hootsuite Analytics. Your dashboard shows all your data for accounts across all your social networks. Plus, it allows you to create attractive and skimmable social media analytics reports to share with your team. Cue the snaps from your boss.

Your social media analytics dashboard is made up of a series of social media metrics. These are the numbers that show how many people interacted with your content and the ways they did so. Examples include the number of likes, comments, shares, saves, and views on a specific post. But there are hundreds of metrics you can (and should) measure on social media.

The right social media analytics tools can help you quickly identify what content your audience likes and doesn't like. That means you'll know how to get more attention, followers, and conversions on each post.

Another big reason to track analytics on social media? It helps you decide where to spend your time, money, and effort. Find out which types of posts and networks are your biggest money-makers so you can take your marketing dollars further.

If you want to take full advantage of the power of social media (who doesn't?) then it's definitely worth your while to invest in an analytics tool like Hootsuite. The best social media analytics tools can help you reach your goals much faster.

Hootsuite measures hundreds of social media metrics on the most popular networks. It tracks your performance on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. 

Some of the most popular social media metrics tracked include: reach, engagement rate, impressions, likes, plays, shares, clicks, saves, comments, video views, new followers, total followers, profile visits, reactions, website clicks, and daily engaged users.

For a complete list of analytics provided by Hootsuite, visit the help center.

To take advantage of the best analytics for social media, sign up for Hootsuite Professional, Team, Business, or Enterprise. With our paid plans, you get customizable social media analytics report templates, the best time to publish, and so much more.

How often Hootsuite updates analytics varies based on the social media platform. Hootsuite pulls data from the native networks, which are only updated periodically.

Facebook metrics come from Facebook Insights, which is only updated once a day. Instagram updates its metrics every 48 hours, but it may take up to 64 hours to see the latest data in your dashboard. 

For more information, visit the help center.

Hootsuite lets you connect and monitor the performance of dozens of social media accounts. Hootsuite Professional, Team, and Business allow you to connect 10, 20, and 35 social media accounts respectively. With Hootsuite Enterprise, you can analyze up to 50 accounts.

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