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Stay on top of things with social listening tools

Find out what people are saying about your brand, monitor trends, and keep an eye on the competition with social media monitoring from Hootsuite.

Tune into your audience and competitors. Use what you learn to grow your business.

Enhance your strategy with social listening software for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.

Find out what your customers want

Set up Streams to monitor mentions, keywords, and hashtags to listen in on what people are chatting about in your space. Use your insights to develop a customer-first strategy and boost sales.

Get noticed

Grow your following by setting up Streams that let you hop into relevant conversations across all your social networks. Reply to, save, and like public comments to reinforce your brand as an industry leader.

Protect your brand

Set up feeds to identify and respond to negative feedback quickly. Protect your reputation by addressing customer concerns right from your Hootsuite dashboard. Save time and money while keeping customers happy.

All your social listening data in one place

Already using social listening software you love? Integrate the top social listening tools—such as Brandwatch and Talkwalker—to source essential insights from the comfort of your dashboard. Check out our app directory for more.

The best social media monitoring tools work with Hootsuite

All Hootsuite plans come with their own intuitive brand monitoring tools. Plus, you can add the ones you already use to your dashboard so all your info is in one place.

  • Hootsuite streams icon

    Hootsuite Streams

    All Hootsuite plans include Streams to monitor mentions, keywords, and hashtags. Hop into relevant conversations on social media.

  • Hootsuite insights logo

    Hootsuite Insights

    Powered by Brandwatch.

    Upgrade to monitor trends, simplify consumer research, and track brand sentiment.

  • Brandwatch logo


    Use the Brandwatch integration to track and analyze mentions and conversations right from your Hootsuite dashboard.

  • Talkwalker logo


    Install the Talkwalker integration to add advanced social listening to your dashboard. Monitor blogs, forums, videos, news, social networks, and more.

  • Digimind logo


    Install the Digimind integration to keep an eye on your Digimind social listening and market intelligence data right from the Hootsuite dashboard.

  • Meltwater icon


    Use the Meltwater app to integrate content from your Meltwater searches and tags into a convenient Hootsuite stream.

  • ReviewTrackers logo


    Monitor and respond to reviews on dozens of popular review sites with the ReviewTrackers integration for Hootsuite.

  • Reddit logo


    Listen into conversations, follow subreddits, and search within Reddit with the Reddit integration for Hootsuite.

  • Google My Business icon

    Google My Business

    Reply to and monitor reviews in Google My Business right from Hootsuite. Answer customer questions, post company updates, and more.

Your all-in-one social media management tool

Hootsuite Publishing toolA Hootsuite product shot of how to engage on your socialsA Hootsuite product shot of how to analyze your socialsFacebook ad campaign product image

Create and publish content across multiple networks in one place. Dazzle your audience and grow fast with a hashtag generator, Canva integration, and more.

Monitor and manage all your social media messages and mentions from a single tab. Save time and keep customers happy with saved message replies and more.

Measure and analyze your performance across all social media channels in one place. Increase engagement, impress your boss, and stay ahead of your competition.

Easily create and manage advertising campaigns alongside your organic content. Get more customers and expand your reach with clear reports and recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social listening is the act of tracking brand mentions, reviews, and relevant conversations online. With the right social listening tools, you can listen in when people talk about your brand or product on social media, blogs, forums, review websites, videos, and more. You can use what you discover to measure your brand’s popularity, audience perception, and customer desires.

Social media monitoring enhances customer advocacy by giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what customers want. Identify your audience’s most common pain points, the features or products they desire the most, and what’s stopping them from converting. With these insights, you can build a better, more customer-centric product.

Social listening tools track when a brand is mentioned online. They collect data from social media networks, blogs, forums, and review sites and display them in one feed. This provides an overview of metrics such as how often people mention your brand and how they feel about it.

All Hootsuite accounts come with basic social listening tools. Use your Professional, Team, Business, or Enterprise plan to set up custom feeds (Streams) that alert you whenever someone mentions your brand name, username, or the hashtags and keywords you specify.

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Need more advanced social media monitoring tools? Add Hootsuite Insights and get detailed social listening analytics reports powered by Brandwatch. You can also integrate your existing social listening tools into your Hootsuite dashboard so everything is in one place.

A good social listening tool works by scouring the internet for mentions of your brand or specified keywords. Think of it like your own personal team of spies who hang out on every website waiting to report back relevant information. Every time someone talks about your company or the terms you specify, your social media monitor will record it and show it to you in a stream.

Social listening helps you make more informed decisions about your brand, product, and strategy. It demonstrates how certain content resonates with your audience, gauges how you’re doing against your competition, and helps you identify where to spend the most time and resources. Social listening can help prevent negative reviews and reduce your risk of getting canceled.

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